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Great measuring cup sets from Horizontal Mall!!! Pretty much every size you need and more. All measurements are engraved, so the markings won’t wear off like my other sets have. Love that it includes markings on the cups for 1/2 of the cup size. For example, the 1/3 cup has a mark for 1/6 cup which is great for when you cut a recipe in half. No more guesswork. And the fact that they are stainless makes them super durable, sanitary, and easy to clean.

Kwajo Ankoma, California

My best house good buying of 2021! I ordered Silicon Cooking Utensils from Horizontal Mall to use with a new set of nonstick cookware. Didnt expect a lot as my prior experience with silicone utensils consisted of a cheap set from a national, discount retailer. Quality is extra ordinary! They have sturdy wooden handles and the silicone is thick and holds up in use cooking. They are easy to clean, and they look great!

Ashley Norman, New Jersey

Okay, we have....well, I'm ashamed to enumerate the number of sets of dinnerware. Suffice to say: need a sit-down for 16. everybody gets silver, and, oh, I dunno....8 courses (I'm not kidding). Got it. And yet. I'm in love with this stuff from Horizontal Mall. First, food looks GREAT on it (that matters--remember?) Second, it's in that sweet spot between being sturdy and light (no judgements, but some of our Williams-Sonoma stuff is just a bit clunky). Meanwhile the price: INSANELY low. Highly rated!

Saman Manzar, Texas